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Collier Financial University

Have questions about finances, big or small? Crave simple, straight forward solutions, free of charge? Then Collier Financial University is for you.

CFU is an educational series that will feature a variety of topics, including retirement, investments, tax strategy and getting the most out of government programs, just to mention a few. Each program is absolutely free of charge. Collier Financial University is a wonderful way to get answers to questions you have wondered about for years from qualified professionals, or to get ideas and tips about financial planning in a casual, laid-back, no obligation environment.

No Obligation Free Portfolio Analysis

We don’t offer diplomas, but we do offer free, no obligation financial check ups. And it’ll be more than a piece of paper or computer program, it’ll be something you can actually put to use!

  • Cost and fee analysis: Uncover exactly what you’re paying for currently in your portfolio.
  • Risk analysis: Clearly identify the risk that your portfolio is currently taking.  Do you know what your risk number is and what it represents in dollars? Are you completely comfortable with taking that risk?
  • Tax planning: See how efficient tax planning can be a powerful way to utilize your money better than ever!  Whether it be your income tax or how taxes affect even your Social Security, our Advisors will guide you through the complexities of these smart financial strategies.  Pay only what you are required to pay the government – nothing more!
  • Social Security Maximization:  Did you know that there are over 500 ways to file social Security?  Which one is best?  When is the right time?  Social Security is a big source of income in retirement to many people.  And because many do not understand how to file the best way, they can miss out on potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars of that benefit.  We align our Clients with a program that helps them work through these important filing decisions with ease.
  • Estate and Legacy Planning: We can introduce you to one of our Attorney relationships to assist you in planning for the unknown and inevitable.  Whether it be setting up a will or a trust, appointing or changing beneficiaries, or discovering possible ways to protect even more of what you worked so hard to achieve, we know that this will get you pointed in the right direction.

We’ll be having many more courses in the future. We’ll keep you updated on our current offerings, or you can check back here for more details.


Plan For Success



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